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The Intelligence Project on Environmental Crime (IPEC) was launched by the Environmental Crime Network (EnviCrimeNet) and Europol in May 2014.

The project's objective was to gain a better knowledge on the types of environmental crimes impacting on EU Member States (MS), their extent, and the obstacles which exist to fight these crimes.

The project also aimed at identifying the involvement of organized crime groups (OCGs) and threats to the EU and at developing recommendations on how to improve the situation.

>>> Download: IPEC Report on Environmental Crime in Europe

In addition to the IPEC Report, now the EnviCrimeNet Report on Environmental Crime in Europe is available.

A large amount of information was used to establish the EnviCrimeNet Report. This information was given by many people from European services, organizations, projects, etc. and became available thanks to the IPEC inventory, interviews,  meetings and last but not least the European survey.

>>> Download: EnviCrimeNet Report on Environmental Crime in Europe